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Protecting Your Business When an Employee Files a Discrimination or Harassment Claim

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harassment claim, Arlington Heights business law attorneysFederal law prohibits discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. If it does occur, then employees can file a complaint internally, at their company, with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), or with the courts to pursue a lawsuit. Consider the following information regarding how you may be able to help protect your business against a harassment or discrimination claim as well as key details on where to find help.

When a Complaint is Filed Internally

Complaints filed internally may seem like an annoyance, but they can be a blessing in disguise. They give you a chance to handle matters quickly, efficiently, and with as little fanfare as possible. However, you must handle the matter seriously. You cannot conduct a sloppy investigation. You must make sound decisions, and you should treat the victim with empathy. An experienced attorney can guide and advise you in this process.

In addition to conducting an investigation and taking action against any guilty parties, you may want to conduct additional training for your employees and managers. This can ensure all employees understand where the law (and your company) stands on discrimination and sexual harassment. The end result may be an improved workplace environment.

When a Complaint is Filed Externally

Whether filed with the EEOC or with the courts, it is critical that you stay calm and speak to an attorney immediately. Not only can an attorney represent your company in the process, he or she can ensure that you fully understand the claims made against your company. He or she can also help you develop a strategy for your case. This is independent of and separate from any other administrative action that you may decide take within your corporation—be it additional training or termination of an employee. Furthermore, it is critical that you handle the victim professionally and appropriately. This includes not bringing an action against him or her for filing a claim.

Our Arlington Heights Business Law Attorneys Can Help

If your company is facing a discrimination or harassment claim, A. Traub & Associates can help. Dedicated and experienced, we can help you navigate the complex claims process. We can also advise you on how your company can move forward once the claims process is over. Learn more about how we can help with your case. Call 847-749-4182 and schedule your consultation with our Arlington Heights business law attorneys today.


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