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Arlington Heights business law attorney, business brandingBecoming a business owner is an overwhelming prospect, especially when it comes time to acquaint yourself with the myriad of business laws for which you will be held accountable as you commence your new role. Branding in particular will be an imperative foundation for your marketing efforts, and it all begins with one critical task: selecting a business name.

Doing Business As (DBA)

Whether you are an existing owner looking to start another side business or are embarking on a brand new business venture for the first time, it is important to be aware of the requirement to legally register your business name with the proper authorities to ensure you remain compliant with the law. Filing your “Doing Business As” name (also called your DBA) is the process of officially registering your chosen business name. This name must be different from your real, personal name, and will be required on a number of government forms and applications, such as your employer tax ID application and license paperwork.


Cook County business law attorneys, Wells Fargo, business litigationWhen a company fails, it is a reflection upon those in charge. In the latest business litigation matter, it is the Board and CEO of Wells Fargo receiving the heat for allegedly creating a culture in which their employees felt pressured to create fake accounts. This is not just because of the propensity for failure itself, though. Upper management is also receiving a great deal of scrutiny because they supposedly first heard of the fake accounts back in 2012 but then failed to do anything about it until 2015. What can you and your company board learn from this? The following explains further.

Accountability is Everything 

It is not easy to admit that you have made a mistake, but consumers know when you are pulling their chain. If you made a mistake, own up to it. Do not sweep it under the rug or blame someone else. Admit your faults and then promise to do better. More than that, actually do better. Fix your mistakes. Show your remorse through action.


Arlington Heights business law attorney, privacy law complianceAs an employer, you wear many hats when it comes to the operation of your business. Whether you own the business directly or work in partnership with the owners to ensure the production runs smoothly and efficiently to guarantee its success, complying with various privacy business laws is extremely important. It is easy to overlook certain requirements, especially when you are unfamiliar with or unclear on a particular law.

The Purpose of Privacy Law in the Business Realm

Simply put, the purpose of privacy laws is to ensure the protection of sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card information, and other financial data. The information you gather from your employees can potentially place them at risk for identity theft, harassment from creditors and salesmen, and a number of other inconveniences. 


false advertising, Cook County business law attorneysWhen you are trying to gain the attention of consumers, you have to be bold, creative, and intuitive. Unfortunately, the line that separates pushing the envelope and outright false advertising can be, at times, a bit grey. For example, is it really false advertising if you put a nature scene on your product’s packaging if you do not actually use natural methods? Or is it just creative advertising? One company is about to find out. Like others before them, it is an important lesson for business owners: false advertising can cost your business in more ways the one. In fact, litigation may even end up being the least of your worries. The following information explains further.

Egg Company Accused of False Advertising

A company that produces, packages, and sells eggs is currently facing allegations over false advertising that misleads consumers. Their packaging shows a green pasture, blue skies, and chickens, which animal activists are saying is deceptive. While the company does raise chickens that are not caged, most are raised using conventional factory farming methods.


Cook County business law attorneys, small businesses, financial ruinSmall businesses are, in many ways, the backbone of American society. They represent a dream, a way of life, and take us back to a time when things were simpler, more personal. Small businesses were also key in helping the country find its way out of the Great Recession, and they provide jobs to 35 percent of America’s workforce. Sadly, many small businesses are also at serious risk for financial ruin because they are—like most working Americans —living month-to-month. If you are a small business owner, learn how you may be able to protect yourself from costly legal pitfalls.

Is Your Small Business at Risk? 

While there are some small businesses that have an effective safety net, most are at serious risk for financial problems. In fact, a recent analysis determined that, on average, small businesses have a daily cash outflow of $374 and an inflow of $381, leaving them with just a $7 difference between what they are making and spending each day. Furthermore, the average small business “buffer” reserve only covers about 27 days of closure. Some have as few as just 13 days.

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